Birth House of Hans Rosenthal

District: Pankow
Address before 1945: Winsstr. 63
Address today: Winsstr. 63, 10405 Berlin

Hans Rosenthal (1925-1987) was born in this house to Else Rosenthal (née Isaac) and her husband Kurt. Kurt Kaufmann worked for the Deutsche Bank. Else looked after Hans and his younger brother Gert, born 1932.
The Rosenthals began to suffer discrimination as Jews not long after the Nazi seizure of power. In 1935, Kurt Rosenthal was demoted within the bank to a low-level position. In 1937 he was fired. As a child, Hans Rosenthal experienced alienation from his fellow pupils: Because, as a Jew, he did not attend school on Saturdays, he was obliged to make up for the lessons he missed on Sundays.

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