Home of Martin Friedländer

District: Mitte
Address before 1945: Linienstraße 196
Address today: Linienstraße 196, 10119 Berlin

With the introduction of the “Nuremberg Laws” on 15 September 1935, Jews were forbidden from hoisting the national flag, which was henceforth to be the Nazi flag. The displaying of “Jewish colors”, however — i.e. white and blue — was permitted to them, however. As a reaction to this discriminatory law, Martin Friedländer hung a white-and-blue flag emblazoned with a Star of David out of his window on the second floor of Linienstraße 196 on 1 October 1935, on the occasion of the Jewish New Year. The Nazi propaganda paper “Der Angriff” reported on the incident.
In 1939, Friedländer fled to Australia. There, he changed his surname to Fried-Lander and founded an import company, which he ran until 1966. In 1980, he donated the flag, which he had taken with him, to the Jewish section of the Berlin Museum. It is now in the collection of the Berlin Jewish Museum.

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