Lustgarten Exhibition Pavilion

District: Mitte
Address before 1945: Am Lustgarten
Address today: Am Lustgarten, 10178 Berlin

On 8 May 1942, a tent-like pavilion was erected here to house the Nazi propaganda exhibition “The Soviet Paradise”. The show, which was directed against Germany’s military enemy, drew 250,000 visitors in its first week alone. On 18 May, the largely Jewish Communist resistance group around Herbert Baum, together with like-minded associates, carried out an arson attack on the exhibition space. By February 1943, the Gestapo had arrested 50 suspects. In a retaliatory move, an additional 154 Jews in Berlin were arrested by the Gestapo and taken to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Here they were murdered, together with 96 other Jewish prisoners who happened to be interned there. By October 1942, 250 more Jewish Berliners had been sent to the Sachsenhausen camp, many of whom either died during their incarceration or were deported to Auschwitz.

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