S. Adam Fashion House

District: Mitte
Address before 1945: Leipziger Str. 27/28
Address today: Leipziger Str. 27/28, 10117 Berlin

On 13 September 1863, Saul Adam founded his business selling sports clothing and men’s and women’s wear, with both wholesale and retail divisions. From the foundation of the empire in 1871, the company was numbered among the purveyors to the imperial court. Advertising slogans hailed Adam as the “Nightshirt King of Germany”. In the interwar years, the company’s product range was expanded to include coats. From 1925 the company was run by Dr. Fritz Adam, who managed to keep it going through the world economic depression. When the business was targeted for attacks in April 1933, Adam emigrated with his family to London, where he died in 1936.

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