Josef König Cafés

District: Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
Address before 1945: Kantstraße 12a
Address today: Kantstraße 12a, 10623 Berlin

A Yugoslavian Jew, Josef König was the proprietor of four cafés, including the Delphi Palast dance hall at Kantstraße 12a. In the face of the National-Socialist threat, he emigrated on 8 March 1933, leaving the management of his businesses in the hands of his deputy, Rudolf Guttmann, likewise a Yugoslavian Jew. Spurred on by representatives of the NSDAP and the call to “boycott Jewish businesses”, the works council fired the acting head on 1 April 1933 and barred him from the premises. After the intervention of the Yugoslav embassy, however, management of the cafés was restored to Guttmann. At this time, the German Reich was still attempting to shield foreign Jews from antisemitic measures in order to keep up appearances and protect their international reputation.

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