Staatsbibliothek Berlin

District: Mitte
Address before 1945: Unter den Linden 8
Address today: Unter den Linden 8, 10117 Berlin

The State Library has its origins in the library of the Electors of Brandenburg, which was founded in 1661. With Prussia’s ascent to the status of a kingdom in 1701, it became a Royal library. In 1810, the court library was placed under the authority of the general Prussian state administration.
During the Nazi period, Prussian State Library staff members were dismissed on racist or political grounds. The discrimination against Jews also extended to the library’s patrons. In 1933 the NSDAP called for Jewish patrons to be banned from using the library. By late 1938, Jews were denied all access to the library and its holdings. Having obtained a special permit, Max Herrmann (1865–1942) was permitted to continue to use the library until 1941, making him the last Jewish patron of the library during the Nazi era. Since 2000, the Association of the Friends of the State Library has awarded a prize in Herrmann’s name that honors services rendered to the Library.

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