Raid on Grenadierstraße and Münzstraße

District: Mitte
Address before 1945: Grenadier-/Münzstraße
Address today: Almstadt-/Münzstraße, 10178 Berlin

Since the late 19th century, Jews from Eastern Europe had been emigrating to Germany in increasingly large numbers. Already during the Wilhelmine Period and the Weimar Republic, their arrival was met with antisemitic prejudices, including on the part of authorities such as the Berlin police. The latter’s attention was focused especially on the Scheunenviertel in Mitte, where many of the emigrants had settled.
With the establishment of the Nazi dictatorship, the police raids on this area intensified. On 4 April 1933, a radio journalist reported on an action carried out by the political police, the SS, and the uniformed police to round up opponents of the regime, Social Democrats and Communists. His description of the Eastern European Jews thereby arrested made use of widespread antisemitic clichés.

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