Shoe shop Leiser

District: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Address before 1945: Oranienstraße 34
Address today: Oranienstraße 34, 10999 Berlin

In 1891 the shoe shop Leiser Julius Klausner and his uncle Hermann Leiser. Rapidly the company developed and became the largest shoe shop with a lot of branches of the German capital. During the boycott of "Jewish shops" in early April 1933 SA-men tried to hinder customers to enter these shops. Within the non-Jewish staff rejection against the bosses and collegues evolved. In 1934 Julius Klausner was temporarily arrested. By 1937 he was forced to sell his company. Shortly before a new threatening incarceration he was able to flee to the Netherlands. After the war the Klausner family sold their refunded company shares.

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