Home of Nelly Sachs

District: Mitte
Address before 1945: Lessingstraße 33
Address today: Lessingstraße 33, 10555 Berlin

The poet Nelly Sachs (1891–1970) lived here from 1930 to 1940. After the death of her father, she moved with her mother into this apartment building, which they owned. Although she did not appear much in public, Nelly Sachs was summoned for interrogation by the Gestapo numerous times after the establishment of the Nazi dictatorship. Stormtroopers wrecked her apartment. Such violent acts of discrimination were constant reminders of her status as a Jew.
With deportation looming, she succeeded in 1940 in escaping to Sweden with her ailing mother. Here she looked after her mother and worked as a washerwoman to earn a meager livelihood for the two of them. After the war, Sachs remained in Sweden until her death in 1970.

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