Awrohom Mordehai Grynberg Prayer House

District: Mitte
Address before 1945: Grenadierstraße 37
Address today: Almstadtstraße 26-28, 10119 Berlin

From the time of the First World War, Rabbi Awrohom Mordehai Grynberg (1867-1938), son of a rabbinical family from Bieżuń (Yiddisch: Besojn, northwest of Warsaw), worked here. At the age of 24, Grynberg was ordained as a rabbi in Besojn and continued to serve that community for more than twenty years. In that time, he helped to build a hospital there. In 1914 or 1915, fleeing the Russian authorities, he came to Berlin, where he initially served as a rabbi at the Chassidic synagogue Knesseth Jisroel. Later he came to devote himself increasingly to ministering to the needs of the community of Eastern-European Jews in Berlin, including founding a Talmud Torah school, Talmud Tora Ez Chajim, in 1918-19, as well as two houses of prayer at this location. He was regarded as a “Wunderrabbi” (or miracle-working rabbi) and as a religious leader by many of those Jews in Berlin whose cultural and religious roots lay in Eastern Europe. Grynberg died on 25 July 1938. He was buried in Weißensee Cemetery.

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