Jewish Hospital Wedding

District: Mitte
Address before 1945: Exerzierstraße 11 a
Address today: Iranische Straße 2-4, 13347 Berlin

The first Jewish Hospital in Berlin was founded back in 1756. In 1914, before the outbreak of the First World War, it moved to this location. This hospital run by the Jewish Community treated the ailing with some 270 beds and the most up-to-date equipment. In 1938, the hospital was forbidden from treating non-Jewish patients. During the Second World War, a prison and a collection camp for Jews awaiting deportation was set up in the Pathology Department. In 1943, sections of the staff were deported by the Gestapo. At war’s end, 800 people deemed too weak for deportation remained here. Since the 1960s, the hospital has been run by a foundation cofounded by the federal state of Berlin and the Jewish community.

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