Kreuzberg City Hall

District: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Address before 1945: Yorckstraße 4-11
Address today: Yorckstraße 4, 10965 Berlin

The Social Democrat Fritz Naphtali Carl Herz (1877–1951) became borough mayor of Kreuzberg in 1926. He worked on the SPD’s Heidelberg Program, which outlined party policy from 1925 till 1959.
As a Jew and a Social Democrat, he was attacked by brownshirted SA thugs in his office at the Kreuzberg city hall on 10 March 1933. They beat him and drove him through the streets to the covered market at Marheinekeplatz, where he was rescued him from the stormtroopers by being arrested by a policeman. Herz was taken into “protective custody” but was quickly released again. He emigrated, first to London in 1939 and then to Palestine in 1947. He died in Haifa in 1951. Today, a stele created by Joachim Dunkel in 1985 commemorates Carl Herz.

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