Auerbach Orphanage

District: Pankow
Address before 1945: Schönhauser Allee 162
Address today: Schönhauser Alle 162, 10435 Berlin

Founded in 1793, the Auerbach Orphanage and School existed until October 1942. Then the Gestapo ordered the deportation of 270 Jewish boys and girls as well of their teachers and caretakers. Nearly all of them were murdered. One of the few survivors was Hans Rosenthal (1925-1987). Following the death of his widowed mother, the now-orphaned Rosenthal managed in January 1942 to be transferred from a forced labor detachment outside of Berlin to the Auerbach Orphanage. This enabled him to be reunited (until August 1942) with his brother Gert, who was already living here.

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Hans Rosenthal on his way into the Auerbach orphanage
18 May 1982

Landesarchiv Berlin