"Jewish Affairs Office" at the Gestapo Headquarters

District: Mitte
Address before 1945: Burgstraße 28
Address today: Burgstraße 28, 10178 Berlin

This is where the local headquarters of the Gestapo, or Secret State Police, were located. In the “Judenreferat” (Jewish Affairs Office) a myriad of regulations were passed that were designed to stigmatize, dispossess, rob or expel Jews living in the capital. One of the many bullying directives, approved on 23 August 1938, required that the automobiles of Jews be outfitted with license plates bearing numbers above 355,000 so that the traffic police could more easily identify Jewish-owned vehicles. Traffic violations on the part of Jews were met with harsher punishments: Those found guilty were regarded as having a criminal record.
The deportation of thousands of people on the municipal level was planned and organized at Burgstraße 28: their arrest and incarceration at collection points and camps, as well as their deportation to concentration camps and their murder en masse. This took place in consultation with the Reich Security Main Office – Department of the Gestapo.

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