Israelite School for the Deaf and Dumb Jedide Ilmin

District: Pankow
Address before 1945: Parkstraße 22
Address today: Parkstraße 22, 13086 Berlin

In 1873, the educator Markus Reich (1844-1911) founded a school for deaf Jewish children in Fürstenwalde outside of Berlin. In 1884, the “Verein Freunde der Taubstummen” (Jedide Ilmin; Association of Friends of the Deaf and Dumb) was founded for the purpose of engaging in work on a nationwide basis. In 1888, the association purchased this piece of land. Soon afterwards, a school began operating here, which eventually expanded to provide education on the K-12 levels. There was also a daycare facility.
From 1933, the Nazi regime subjected deaf-mutes of all religious backgrounds to compulsory sterilization. The pupils of the Jedide Ilmin Institute for the Deaf and Dumb were also threatened with this. In 1938, the institute’s director, Felix Reich, was dragged off to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp and held there for a time. In the following year, he succeeded in escaping to England together with ten of the children. In 1942, the remaining 146 pupils as well as the staff of the Institute for the Deaf and Dumb were deported and murdered.

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