Fraenkelufer Synagogue, formerly Kottbusser Ufer

District: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Address before 1945: Kottbusser Ufer 48-50
Address today: Fraenkelufer 10-12, 10999 Berlin

Between 1913 and 1916 a large synagogue complex was built on this site. The house of worship proper could accommodate 2,000 people. The services were conducted in the Orthodox tradition. The building also contained a hall for youth religious services, a weekday synagogue and staff apartments. The first female rabbi, Regina Jonas (1902-1944), was active here.
During the antisemitic pogroms of November 1938, the complex was heavily damaged. The ruins of the main building were completely demolished in 1958-59. The only remaining structure, the former youth synagogue, is still in use as a Conservative synagogue.
A memorial plaque was mounted in 1989. Six years later, it was supplemented by an information pillar, detailing the history of the building.

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