Jewish Cultural League

District: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Address before 1945: Kommandantenstraße 57
Address today: Kommandantenstraße 57, 10969 Berlin

In the building that used to stand here, the brothers Donat and Anton Herrnfeld ran a popular Jewish theater from 1906 to 1916. From 1935 to 1941, it was used for theatrical and musical performances by the “Kulturbund deutscher Juden” (“Cultural Federation of German Jews), of which Kurt Singer was the primary founder and served as artistic director (see Home of Kurt Singer – Birthplace of the Cultural League). During the Nazi era, the Reich Propaganda Ministry forbade Jewish artists from practicing their profession. Only within the Cultural Federation was it possible for them to continue to perform.
In 1935, the Kulturbund deutscher Juden (Cultural Federation of German Jews) was forced to change its name to the Jüdischer Kulturbund (Jewish Cultural League). In all, some 50 premieres managed to take place here. In 1938-39, under pressure from the Nazis, the association was forced to pursue its activities—now on a much more limited scale—in a neighboring (now likewise destroyed) building. From 1942, a Siemens forced labor camp was located here.

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