Home of Kurt Singer – Birthplace of the Cultural League

District: Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
Address before 1945: Mommsenstr. 56
Address today: Mommsenstr. 56, 10629 Berlin

Kurt Singer (1885-1944) - musicologist, conductor, medical doctor and theater director - lived at this location. The foundation of the Jewish Cultural League, behind which Singer was the driving force, proved to be an important moment of assertiveness on the part of Jewish artists in the face of persecution by the Nazi authorities and the loss of their professional existence.
The Cultural League, which existed until 1941, served as a self-help organization to enable artists to continue to work and perform. Singer himself emigrated to Amsterdam in 1938, where he was arrested in 1943. He was deported to the Westerbork concentration camp and subsequently on to Theresienstadt. He died there of the effects of his internment.

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Orchestra of the Jewish Cultural League, Johannes Brahms, Rhapsodie aus Goethes Harzreise im Winter
Conductor: Kurt Singer, 1934 or later

Akademie der Künste, Berlin