Synagogue of the "Thorat Chessed Association"

District: Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
Address before 1945: Kantstraße 125
Address today: Kantstraße 125, 10625 Berlin

In 1908, the Thorat Chessed Synagogue Association, made up of immigrants from Eastern Europe, established a house of prayer in a former glazier’s workshop in the second courtyard of this building. Men and women were seated separately in the prayer hall, which could hold 280 worshippers.
Due to its residential location, this synagogue was not torched on 9 November 1938. However, the Nazis forced the synagogue association to close the house of worship in January 1939.
The bullet holes in the façade of the still-extant building bear witness to the fact that members of the SS entrenched themselves here during the last days of the war. Until 2003, the rooms were used by “Marias Gartenhaus”, a Charlottenburg cultural association.

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