Theodor Wolff

Theodor Wolff was born in 1868 into an upper-class Jewish family in Berlin. In 1887, he began working at his cousin Rudolf Mosse’s (1843–1920) newspaper. In 1906 Wolff became editor-in-chief of the liberal “Berliner Tageblatt”. Already during the Weimar Republic, Wolff became the target of antisemitic abuse. He feared that he would be murdered, like Walther Rathenau. In February 1933, Wolff fled to Switzerland and from there on to Nice. His attempt to reach the United States after the occupation of France failed. On 23 May 1943 he was arrested in southern France and handed over to the Gestapo. Via a series of French detention centers, he ended up at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Falling severely ill there, he was transferred to the Jewish Hospital Wedding, where he died on 23 September 1943.

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