Victor Aronstein

Victor Aronstein was born in 1896 in the town in Margonin in the province of Posen, then part of Prussia. After his father’s brewery went bankrupt, the family moved to Berlin. In October 1915, Victor Aronstein was conscripted for military service. After the war, he studied medicine and, in 1926, qualified as a doctor. Victor Aronstein was active in the congregation of the Hohenschönhausen Synagogue. From 1931 onwards, he maintained his own medical practice, initially at Marsiliusstraße 16 (Mitte). Aronstein long believed that his service at the Front during the Great War would protect him from persecution after 1933. He continued to practice as a doctor until 1938. When his medical license was withdrawn, he joined the underground. In 1941, he was arrested and deported. Four years later, Aronstein was murdered at the Auschwitz concentration camp.

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