Recha Freier

Recha Schweitzer (1892–1984) was trained as an educator and studied new philology before working as a teacher. In 1919 she married the rabbi Moritz Freier (1889–1969). In 1922, the couple moved to Sofia, Bulgaria. There Moritz Freier served as a rabbi while his wife taught at a German school. Recha Freier founded an underground branch of the Women’s International Zionist Organization (WIZO) for young women in the Bulgarian capital. When Moritz Freier received an appointment in Berlin in 1926, the family moved to the city. From 1932, Recha Freier built up the Children’s and Youth Aliyah in the building of the Reichsvertretung der deutschen Juden (Reich’'s Deputation of the German Jews) to prepare Jews to emigrate to Palestine. By March 1938, she had saved over 2,000 Jews in this way. Despite having the opportunity to emigrate, she remained in Berlin until 1940 in order to support the persecuted. During her flight to Palestine as well as after the war, she continued to advocate for young people.

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