Elisabeth Wust

Charlotte Elisabeth “Lily” Kappler Wust (1913–2006), a non-Jew who at first went along with the Nazi regime, was a middle-class housewife with four sons when she met and fell in love with a Jewish woman, Felice Schragenheim, in 1942. After Wust’s divorce from her husband, Günther Wust, Felice Schragenheim moved into Wust’s apartment at Friedrichshaller Str. 23 (see Home of Elisabeth Wust).
Following the arrest and deportaton of Felice Schragenheim in August 1944, the two exchanged love letters. Wust tried to provide her lover with food and clothing and hid other Jews out in her home. Felice Schragenheim is presumed to have died on a death march from Groß-Rosen to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in late 1944. Inwardly broken, Elisabeth Wust entered into another brief and unhappy marriage from 1950–51. The film “Aimée & Jaguar”, which drew upon a book of the same name, was based on her and Schragenheim’s love story.

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