Hans Rosenthal

Hans Rosenthal (1925–1987) was born in Berlin. His father died in 1937 after being fired as a Jew from the Deutsche Bank. His mother succumbed to cancer in 1941.
Beginning in 1940, Hans Rosenthal was obliged to perform forced labor, including as a grave-digger. For a time, he was held in a reeducation camp in Niederlausitz (Lower Lusatia), which was supposed to prepare him to emigrate to Palestine. In January 1942 he managed to secure a place at the Jüdische Gemeindeschule (Jewish Community School; formerly Auerbach’sches Waisenhaus, see Auerbach Orphanage), where he was reunited with his brother Gert. Before the school’s pupils were arrested, Hans Rosenthal was transferred to the Jewish Youth Home at Rosenthaler Straße 26. In March 1943 he went into hiding (see Hiding Place of Hans Rosenthal). After the liberation, he became one of the best-known and most popular television and radio hosts (including of the game show “Dalli, Dalli”). Rosenthal briefly served on the board of directors of the Central Council of Jews in Germany. He died in 1987.

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