Leonore Goldschmidt

Leonore Goldschmidt (1897–1983) studied History, German and English at university. After receiving her PhD she became a teacher in England. From 1925 she taught at the Sophie-Charlotte-Gymnasium in Berlin. As a Jew, she was fired from this position in 1933. In May 1935 she opened the Private Jewish School of Dr. Leonore Goldschmid. It quickly expanded to become the largest private school in Berlin, with 520 pupils and 40 teachers by 1937. When the school was forcibly closed by the Nazi authorities at the end of September 1939, Leonore Goldschmidt emigrated to Great Britain together with 80 of her pupils. In May 1940, she had to close her school altogether. Until 1968, she taught at various schools in England. After retiring, Goldschmidt studied Russian and lived in London.

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