We wish to thank all of the archives, museums, libraries and private individuals that made images, maps, and audio and visual materials available to this project.

The preparation of the historical content would have been unthinkable without the historical witnesses, who generously revisited their painful memories in interviews. In addition, without the research into various aspects of local and Berlin city history conducted by a host of historians, exhibition curators, and citizens’ initiatives, many of the places and people presented here would have remained unknown to us.
Among this large number, special thanks are due to:
Dr. Ulrich Eckhardt, Prof. Dr. Wolf Gruner, Dr. Beate Meyer, Dr. Andreas Nachama and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wippermann.

For their oversight of the project and thorough review of the textual and graphic content we thank the members of the scholarly advisory committee:
Dr. Ulrich Baumann, Adam Kerpel-Fronius M.A., Uwe Neumärker M.A., and especially Dr. Hermann Simon.

Finally, we thank Deborah Cohen for her translation of the texts.

Furthermore we are thankful to the Archiv der Akademie der Künste, Berlin.